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Product Category and Warranty Info

We are customer-focused and driven, and strive to understand your business and help tailor solutions for you. With three different product lines, we have many options, regardless of the age and condition of the vehicle.

Renovated Parts are check for fit, form, and function, and fall between the minimum and maximum specifications for each product line. Items outside specifications are repaired or replaced. Wearable items such as seals and gaskets are replaced. The item is then thoroughly tested to ensure quality, cleaned and/or painted.

All renovated parts have a minimum 90 day warranty, and each product line has a specific warranty.

A DEX “recycled” part is dismantled from a vehicle or assembly. The item will be cleaned, inspected, and determined as usable and in good working condition.

All recycled parts have a 30 day no-questions-asked warranty.

Surplus parts are in new condition, and are received from production facilities, parts distribution centers, or dealer and fleet returns. The items are sold at a discount off of regular price.

There is no warranty on surplus items.